Today I’m very happy to announce that Huddle and Xobni have joined forces to make your life that little bit simpler. Yes, Huddle for Xobni! We are the next gadget in the Xobni sidebar and the company joins our rapidly expanding community of global partners, including HP, LinkedIn, Ning and XING.

Thanks to this integration, Huddle and Xobni users will now have instant visibility of the latest activity in their workspaces, recent communications between team members and files uploaded directly from their inboxes. An auto-identification feature will also reveal which of your contacts shares a Huddle workspace with you.

Huddle and Xobni share a common goal, which made the integration of our products seem like a natural fit. We both want to help people be more efficient, productive and work better together. Like us, Xobni has recognized that people spend far too much time sifting through irrelevant content in order to find the information they need.

The constant stream of communication via email alone that people have to deal with was revealed in a Radicati Group study last year. The organization predicted that worldwide email traffic is expected to reach 507 billion messages per day by 2013. Research by Xobni has also revealed that to stay on top of overflowing inboxes almost three quarters of Americans (72 per cent) and 68 per cent of Brits check their emails outside of business hours, when on vacation and even when off sick.

By combining collaboration in the cloud with communication management on the desktop, we hope we  can streamline the way that people work and make the office a far more productive and enjoyable environment.

The integration is currently available as a download for existing Huddle or Xobni users.

Xobni users should download the installer and then follow the new Huddle icon to create a free Huddle account in Xobni.  Huddle users just need to download the installer and log in!

Download the Huddle for Xobni installer:

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