In today’s world we do everything fast. There is no time to waste. People don’t stick around in one company anymore. Contractors join teams on projects that may last only a few months. How do you start and nurture a spirit of collaboration in such an environment?


If you take into account that only two per cent of teams in business reach their full potential, you may wonder how you can succeed with the odds stacked so high against you. MarcumSmith has broken team collaboration down into five levels. If you start here and work through these levels you are more likely to have a successful team.


People work alone. They are isolated and the team slowly fizzles out.


The team doesn’t really care whether collaboration is working or not. One in four teams work at this level.


People may work as a team but they are not very effective as a team. They recognise the need for collaboration but they’re not doing it effectively.


Here people work well in their own teams but they don’t mix well with other teams in the company. For example marketing does work well with sales.


This is the two per cent, the cream of the crop. These teams have three characteristics: humility, curiosity and water-cooler honesty.

If you want to read more about these levels read the article from MarcumSmith here.

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