All manner of organizations are currently trying to find effective ways of collaborating, especially when geographically dispersed. Sharing information, asking and responding to questions – these can become harder and slower simply on account of distance between team members. Imperial College London is a prime example, in particular its Railway and Transport Strategy Centre (RTSC) within the Centre for Transport Studies (CTS), part of its faculty of Civil and Environment Engineering.


As the world-leading transit economic and benchmarking research centre in the UK, RTSC works alongside 55 cities on varying modes of transport and is of enormous scale and complexity. Just one of its work streams – the Community of Metros (CoM) – is comprised of 32 metro systems from 20 cities around the world. Similarly, the International Bus Benchmarking Group hosts 15 large and medium urban bus organizations, and the International Suburban Rail Benchmarking Group brings 15 major suburban rail operators together from six continents.


RTSC was therefore in the unenviable position of having a remarkably broad and disparate organization whilst also having an inherent need to share information to various stakeholders. This problem was compounded by its previous platform lacking innovative new features and becoming expensive to maintain. So we introduced them to our cloud collaboration platform, enabling them to open its organization up to infinite possibilities.


RTSC is now an advanced user of Huddle. Benchmarking teams use the platform to gather documents and data from around the word – in varying formats – and then produce benchmark reports for wider distribution. An important security balance needed to be struck where the same platform could safeguard sensitive data when submitted by individual transport operators, while also allowing open access to the whole community to the resultant benchmark reports.


RTSC and its community can also create and partake in online discussions via Huddle’s online forum, ensuring that expert advice is available quickly and internationally. The combination of the data availability and the forum has made a tangible difference across the globe. For example, a South American Metro saves $1 million annually on turnstile maintenance simply as a result of access to the forum discussions and a range of suitable experts, while the International Bus Benchmarking Group used ideas to focus efforts and increase staff training to cut accident rates.


Huddle’s cloud platform has enabled RTSC to have both the collaboration and flexibility to ensure that the organization runs at optimum productivity and keeps employees connected. To find out more information about Huddle’s work with RTSC, read the full case study.


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