This month, Huddle’s product team has been working hard on making our Tasks section even easier to use.

Following today’s update, you’ll be able to notify members of your team about a task without having to assign it to them. This gives everyone involved in a project or campaign visibility of who is responsible for what actions and the progress that has been made. People can view all the information related to a task and rest assured that there is full transparency across the team.

Today, you’ll also notice that the task fields are now clearly defined by a blue border so that you can immediately focus on the task you’re looking at.

The visual indicator has been moved to the centre of the page, giving you instantly visibility of task progress. All in all, we’ve made more than 30 tweaks to the tasks page to make it clearer and easier to use.

As usual there are some other minor tweaks and fixes to make sure that we’re constantly making Huddle quicker and easier to use. We’ve also started laying the foundations for some exciting features that will be coming up in the next few months.

The Huddle product team always appreciates your feedback and takes all of your ideas on board, so please let us know your thoughts

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