• Effective training and onboarding requires well-designed  programs that are linked not only to agency goals, but also to the skills and competencies needed for the agency to perform effectively. 

  • Where training includes participants from outside of a government agency (i.e. private sector partners, employees from other agencies), there are challenges in managing access to sensitive /  confidential course materials.

  • Finding the right solution is a challenge that can lead to delays and ineffective course delivery.

  • Huddle is a FedRAMP Authorized solution, and is used by training centers, and institutes across USG agencies to enhance professional development, safety training, and onboarding programs.

Effective training, onboarding and development programs are an integral part of any government agency’s ability to attract and retain employees, as well as ensuring that they are equipped with the skills and certifications necessary for their roles. 

Achieving this requires well-designed training and development programs that are linked not only to agency goals, but also to the skills and competencies needed for the agency to perform effectively. 

Technology has greatly improved how training and development programs can be delivered, with more and more agencies leveraging the benefits of remote learning to meet the needs of a distributed workforce, or remote workers

However, for teams that work with international, industry, and government participants from outside of their own agency, finding a solution that’s suitable for use can be a challenge that leads to delays and inefficient course delivery; especially when course materials comprise large, or sensitive files. 

In such cases, teams that administer On-The-Job Training (OJT) programs, or manage external training activities, require a learning portal that is secure, widely accredited and authorized, and easily accessible to all parties. 

How Huddle can help

Huddle is a FedRAMP authorized application used by OJT teams, training centers, and institutes across USG agencies to enhance their professional development, safety training, and onboarding programs.

Because it’s FedRAMP Authorized, Huddle overcomes many of the challenges facing training administrators and course designers, allowing them to securely manage sensitive course content, even with external participants and private-sector partners. 

For training program coordinators and instructors, Huddle can be used to create collaborative, customized learning portals for training and onboarding where they can instantly share documents (course materials, logistics, links to related teaching platforms, and more), oversee due dates, collect submitted files, and even streamline program or course development with their internal peers.  

Speed your onboarding 
Successful onboarding and OJT is critical to employee tenure. However, it can be complex and often requires input, meetings, and ongoing support with key stakeholders across different teams and in different geographical locations. 

Huddle’s collaborative Workspaces deliver greater visibility for all stakeholders, and make it easy to set tasks for participants, track progress through a 360-degree dashboard, and even monitor which course materials they have accessed. 

It also ensures trainees always have secure access to up-to-date training materials through their desktop, laptop and mobile devices, minimizing errors and the potential risk of course participants using out-of-date course content. 

All of these benefits can contribute to reducing complex onboarding processes by several months, resulting in significant cost savings and increased output for an organization. 


How Huddle is being used to improve training and onboarding across the U.S. Government

The Department of Defense's "Innovative Readiness Training Program" uses Huddle to create collaborative and engaging spaces for national guard units to work with local communities on their various public service missions.

The Federal Aviation Administration's Training Academy creates classroom portals on Huddle for onboarding new hires, industry airline employees, and foreign nation partners.

The Department of Justice's "National Center for Explosives Training and Research (NCETR)" utilizes Huddle for program management, file sharing with law enforcement/emergency response participants, and collaboration across National Response Teams. 

The Federal Railroad Administration's "Technical Training Standards Division (TTSD)" uses Huddle's task management, version control, and file collaboration features to efficiently train hundreds of State DoT railroad safety employees each year.

The Air Force Institute of Technology uses Huddle for multi-agency and public-private research projects, multi-media/large file collaboration between instructors and students, and international training programs.

U.S Government Agencies and Contractors use Huddle to reduce risk and improve security when sharing and managing documents, coordinating multi-agency projects and working with private-sector partner

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