First of all thank you for all the positive feedback we received after January’s release.

It is clear that you immediately saw the benefits of the tweaks we made, and you are as eager as we are about the path we have chosen for Huddle.

Today, we launch the next phase of improvements.

Clean and clear

The first thing you’ll notice when logging in is that Huddle now looks much cleaner and neater, and that the navigation throughout the application is clearer.

A cleaner, clearer Huddle.

Superfluous lines, gradients and other unimportant design elements have gone. The multiple rows of tabs and the duplicate navigation options that you told us were hindering rather than helping you are also gone. More improvements in this area are coming in March.

The navigation has been re-worked and clarified; tabs at the top, dimples below.

“Quick, add it in Huddle!”

If, like us here at Huddle, you like to quickly get ideas or tasks out of your head and into the app, you’ll appreciate the new quick links menu. Starting today, each quick link sits on the corresponding tab. Intuitive wins.

Quick links now sit discreetly on top of their respective tabs.

Pick a date, any date

This clean, simple and effective approach was also at the heart of our work with the new dual date picker. As you know, in Tasks there has always been an option to set a due date. From today, you can also add a start date to any task. We went through a series of sketches and wireframes before we picked the option that we finally built into Huddle. At each stage, we tried to remove something, rethink the standard, find a better way.

One of my work in progress (but close to the final result) sketches of the date picker.

Ultimately, we ended up with the approach you see below. It’s very intuitive, and if you compare it to  date pickers you see in other collaboration tools, you’ll find that it is much more straightforward.

The final result, Huddle's dual date picker.

A special point of pride is the subtle styling of the start and end dates. In user testing, this won rave reviews. (Thank you to our testers!)

To see the latest updates in action, join us for today’s webinar

More in March

The improvements that we have lined up for next month will make many of February’s updates come a full circle. With the March release, we will have created a new plateau, a new baseline, from which to continue improving and growing Huddle. See you there.

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