As Luke mentioned in his blog post earlier this week, we are building an even better Huddle this year.

Today, we took the first step on this journey by releasing our first features update of the year. As part of this release, we’ve made Huddle fixed width. You already benefit from fixed width on web sites such as BBC News, New York Times, Facebook, and LinkedIn. If it’s a high value, popular site or tool, it’s fixed width.

What exactly is fixed width?
Fixed width means that what you see in your browser won’t look different when you increase or decrease the size of your browser window.

We are doing the same thing with Huddle. You will now get the same type of experience that you’ve become accustomed to on the BBC News website and on Facebook when you work in Huddle.

There are many benefits with fixed width, all of which will improve your work life:

Everything is always in the same place
You no longer need to go looking across your wide external desktop screen for that button that is front and center on your smaller laptop screen.

You have more control
You will see the same amount of information in descriptions and titles regardless of how wide you like to keep your browser window (or how wide your screen is). This also means you won’t suffer from unexpected behaviour in Huddle if you choose to change the size of your browser window.

You save time
Your time is priceless and now you don’t need to waste any of it rethinking and relearning the way Huddle works for you based on how wide your browser window happens to be on any given day.

New is finally both new and better
In the past, when we added a new feature or improved the functionality of your favorite Huddle tools, it didn’t always feel right for all of you. This is now a thing of the past

It looks better, on a deeper level
Aesthetics aside, we humans relate better to information when it is consistently displayed and follows a few basic rules. Having text, tasks and buttons show up in the same place on your screen is the most basic rule of all. And even if you’re not immediately aware of it, your mind will relate to this more ordered type display in a positive way.

We benefit too
At Huddle, we can now focus all our time on delivering better functionality to you quicker. We no longer have to second and triple guess what the app may look and behave like under a myriad of circumstances.

When we have less things to code, test and worry about we can use our time better. This means a better Huddle for you, faster.

“I like it, but that button looks strange”
Yes, not everything will be perfect from the start, but we are pretty close. When you write a letter you may go through a few drafts to improve it before sending.  That’s how it is with Huddle too. We always welcome your input so please let us know your thoughts in our feedback forum.

More improvements are coming
Now that fixed width is done we are working on improving other aspects of how Huddle looks, works and, above all, how it helps you do a better job.

In 2011, we’re going to stick to our New Year’s resolution and continue to provide you with the fantastic user experience, quality and support that you deserve. On behalf of the Huddle team in London and San Francisco, thank you for being a customer and Huddle supporter.

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