INAA, international association of independent accounting firms, assists businesses with cross-border accounting and taxation issues. Governed by an elected board, consisting of executive-level accountants and auditors from across the world the INAA is responsible for ensuring all services carried out by members adhere to the code of conduct. As you can imagine this requires paperwork; lots of paperwork.

In the current competitive climate, accountancy and auditing firms need to find new ways to leverage existing services and intellectual capacities. INAA provides just the opportunity to meet this challenge; bringing together insights, expertise and new business opportunities without the fear of divulging information to competitors. However the ability to effectively bring all of these things together from myriad locations is no mean feat.

The success of the INAA relies on the close personal and professional relationships between memberships and the board. With a high demand on the executives’ time, INAA needed to eliminate email overload, confusing communication threads and document duplication. Cue Huddle. 

“We are looking to Huddle to enable us to have a more efficient organization,” said Nadège Mullier, INAA Executive Manager. “The Board and committees will now have a clear dashboard showing current documents requiring attention, and the deadlines. The automatic audit trails will make it much easier to ensure we are all fully accountable and that all procedures are properly followed.”

Huddle will also allow confidential documents to be safely shared, reviewed and approved between the Board and committees, as well as providing time-stamped audit trails of all user and document activity and dashboards to manage outstanding tasks.

Huddle was chosen because of our proven ability to deliver efficiency and more effective international collaboration to professional services organisations. Take Baker Tilly International, for example, which was able to distinguish its services from competitors and win new business due to its adoption of Huddle.

Following its adoption by the INAA Board and committees, it is planned to make Huddle available wider to the members.

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