Last Thursday saw the successful launch of the developer spin off of Huddle’s infamous DrinkTank: DevTank!  Some of the Huddle devs decided that it was time to host their own event targeted at developers in start-ups and so DevTank was born. The aim was to get developers from all walks of life (i.e. not just java/ruby/.net devs) to share their knowledge with each other and learn about both business and technical issues discussed by invited speakers.

So what happened at the inaugural DevTank? Apart from a fair amount of pizza eating, beer drinking and discussing hugely important topics, such as ‘who would win in a fight C# or PHP?’, we had some very interesting talks!

The first was ‘NoSQL and CouchDB: the view from Moo’ by Steve Storey,  Application Architect at Moo.  Steve gave an informative talk on how MOO is (sort of) using CouchDB in their application.

The second talk was ‘Business for techies: The inside guide to VC funding’ by Peter Jones, a partner at Eden Ventures (although he swears that he’s really a techie). Pete helped to illuminate us on the world of VC’s and how techies can get funding for their companies.

After the talks we all adjourned to the pub for a good old knees up and chin wag about how we should get some VC funding for our amazing new app built on top of CouchDB.

All in all, DevTank was a massive success and more than 70 people turned out for the evening. We wouldn’t have been able to do this without the help we’ve received so thank you to Stewart Townsend,  who was kind enough to allow us to host the event at Oracle’s offices. Thanks also to Steve and Peter for giving some really great talks (which judging by twitter everyone loved).

We’re already planning our next event and would love your feedback on the first one.  If anyone has any ideas on how we could improve the event or if you have some topics in mind that you’d like to discuss, please comment below or send us an email to Jon/Bob/James at We are also looking for sponsors for the event so if anyone is interested in paying for beer/pizza please let us know!


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