Today, businesses have no boundaries. Thanks to cloud computing, tablets, smartphones and other technology advances, you can work anywhere, on any device, at any time. Working with your contractors and partners is just easy as turning to talk to the person next to you and when on the move between meetings you can stay in touch via your tablet. Small, portable and capable, it hardly comes as a revelation when analyst houses tell us tablets are on the rise in the enterprise and PCs in decline.

As we’re now on the move and working with a large ecosystem of organizations, surely, systems that allow enterprise content to be stored and accessed from anywhere must be every worker’s dream? Perhaps not.

If each and every person in a company turns to personal cloud services to store their business files, you not only open up the business to security risks, but information becomes fragmented across the enterprise. If files aren’t stored centrally, knowledge can’t be shared. But storing content in enterprise-wide cloud systems, breaking down silos and increasing knowledge sharing, also raises issues. People may simply find themselves drowning in data.

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