IIC – INTERSPORT International Corporation, headquartered in Berne, Switzerland, is the brand management and purchasing company of the INTERSPORT Group. Through the close collaboration with leading sports brands and its exclusive brands, INTERSPORT ensures a large variety of quality products in its stores worldwide. With retail sales of EUR 10.2 billion and more than 5,400 affiliated stores in 42 countries, INTERSPORT is the world’s leading sporting goods retailer. In December 2012 INTERSPORT acquired the U.S. athletic footwear chain The Athlete’s Foot with over 400 stores in 27 countries. The INTERSPORT Group is represented in 63 countries on all five continents. INTERSPORT is the official event store of the World Football Association FIFA for the sale of official licensed products of the 2014 FIFA World Cup BrazilTM.

Christoph Lindlein dives into the details

“We needed a service that would help us collaborate with our 20 national organizations as well as external partners such as adidas, Nike, ASICS and Reebok. As such, it was clear we required a secure platform that would allow teams to work together across the firewall on international marketing campaigns and projects.”

“There are two things we wanted to achieve: effective task management so we could allocate tasks and see who was doing and managing what activities and when, and secure document sharing. A central platform where all content relating to each our campaigns could be stored was exactly what our global project teams needed.”

“We opened our first workspace in Huddle last year; we invited our web agency, creative agency, Reebok and national INTERSPORT organizations so we could work on an international marketing campaign in one place.”

“Before Huddle, we’d been using an intranet to share data but it didn’t provide the functionality we were looking for. Now we’re using Huddle it’s much quicker to upload files and distribute content securely to our partners. The audit trail and comment functionalities are especially useful for us. It means we can clearly see which user is reviewing and downloading documents and who gave what feedback.”

“Security was very important to us, we had read a lot about Huddle and we knew that governments were using it globally so it was clearly a very secure platform. It was vital that we could guarantee security and control to our national organizations and external partners and reassure them that their data was safe.  Effective collaboration is at the centre of our upcoming campaigns and we needed to keep creative ideas and data under wraps ahead of the launch.”


Christoph Lindlein, Jr.,  Marketing Manager, IIC – INTERSPORT International Corporation

Christoph Lindlein is responsible for the development and execution of international marketing campaigns with a specific focus on the international focus categories football and fitness. 

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