By Robert Prince, Lead Developer (and creator of Huddlizer, the Huddle extension for Google Chrome)  When I joined Huddle earlier this year, one of the things I first appreciated is that developers like myself are encouraged to think about new ways to use Huddle—and bring those ideas to life. One of the things I think about most is the comprehensive open API upon which the Huddle platform is built. The flexible open API unleashes developers to create radically new tools to maximize functionality and enables Huddle users to easily collaborate in numerous ways across different devices. So, with that in mind, as part of our Tuesday Time weekly innovation day, I thought about how to create an easier, more seamless way to get things that you see on the web into Huddle workspaces. Hours of coding and testing later: Huddlizer for Chrome was born. Huddlizer allows Huddle users to seamlessly add files and web pages from the Chrome web browser into workspaces while browsing the web. Now it’s easier than ever to curate content from across the web and share it with workspace members. For example: you’re about to begin a project and need to do some research, so you create a new workspace in Huddle, browse the web for news articles, reports, images and/or files to share with your team, and after adding the content with a single click, you can view it immediately by following the link given to you by the extension and share and collaborate on it with colleagues. Also, there might be papers or ideas you find in browser engines like Google that you would like others to see and comment on.  Simply search for the term, when you see the Huddle [h] image next to a link, click it and it goes directly into your workspace. Download the Huddlizer for Google Chrome extension for free at Note: you must have a Huddle account to use Huddlizer. ⇨ Add web pages

  • Browse to a normal web page and you’ll see the Huddle symbol on the right hand side of the toolbar.
  • Click the symbol.
  • You’ll see a pop up with your last selected workspace.
  • Now press the button and wait for the spinner to turn into a “tick” or “check” mark.
  • Now click on the Huddle “tick” or “check” to view your document.

 ⇨ Add files

  • Huddle symbols will appear next to document links in any web pages for the doc types you have enabled.
  • Click this symbol and Huddlizer will put the document into your last selected workspace.
  • Now click on the Huddle “tick” or “check” mark to view your document.

Huddlizer gives you another great way to add content into Huddle and we’re excited for our customers to try it out. Be sure to check out other Huddle collaboration apps.

Update: v6.1

Just a little update here, Huddlizer now allows you to change the name of the web page/document you’re adding.

Huddlizer update

Download it here: Enjoy!


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