While Huddle makes it simple to create new teams and add new users, the reality is that you often find yourself working with the same groups of people. Perhaps it’s your own team, a client, or colleagues from another office.

That’s why we’ve now made it even easier to get started on a new project in Huddle.

Earlier this year, Dominic Green, a Lead Developer in Huddle’s Engineering team, identified an opportunity to streamline and enhance the process of inviting users to work together in a new Huddle Workspace.

“I saw from my own experience that when inviting users into a new Workspace, I was often inviting the same people,” explains Dom. “It seemed obvious that instead of having to manually search for them each time, Huddle should know who my regular connections are.”

Dom took cues from our previous recommendation engine work to create an intelligent solution. 

“I developed a solution that suggests who to invite into the Workspace based on my own personal connections and who I work with the most,” explains Dom.

The feature, which is now live in Huddle, not only speeds the invitation process, but also opens up a number of possibilities for the future.

“Huddle makes suggestions in real time based on the people you work with and others that you are looking to invite. Going forward, recommendations could be based not only on the people you work with, but on the content of the document or workspace; this is an exciting area that we are looking to expand on in the future based on data unique to Huddle,” finishes Dom.

Hot on the heels of the recently launched Document Comparison feature, Invitation Recommendations is another great example of how Huddle’s Innovation Time delivers compelling, ‘real-world’ technology that can have an immediate impact on user experience and beyond.

If you’re not familiar with Innovation Time, it’s where our developers get to spend 20% of their time working on a special project of their choice, either individually, or as a team, working with the freedom to explore ideas that will bring value to Huddle’s customers.

Dom’s already cooking up his next Innovation Time project, and I for one will be watching keenly to see what he turns up next.

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