There’s no time like the present to start collaborating with colleagues, customers and partners.


Whether you want to maintain the momentum of a discussion once everyone has ‘left the room’, or bring an expert into the conversation at a critical moment; when it comes to collaboration, at Huddle we recognize the importance of immediacy.

That’s why with our latest iOS update, you can now invite people into your Huddle workspace, right from your iPad or iPhone, without having to utter those fateful words “I’ll share the information with you as soon as I’m back at my desk”.

And because workspace permissions carry over regardless of which device you’re using, you never have to worry about inviting people you shouldn’t, and if you don’t have permission to invite people to your workspace, you can even send a request to the workspace manager to add someone to the workspace on your behalf.

We’ve also made life easier for workspace managers, who can now use the Huddle iOS app to make the most of non-productive time, like the train ride home, or short breaks between offsite meetings, to quickly process any outstanding or urgent access requests, without having to reach for their laptop.


We’ve all encountered the frustration of unnecessary delays when collaborating. With the latest version of Huddle for iOS, there’s no more waiting until you’re back at your desk; just reach for your phone or tablet, and start working together, sooner.

Available today, the latest update is available to all Huddle users. For questions visit our mobile apps page. To download Huddle for iPhoneHuddle for iPad or Huddle for US Government and Healthcare, visit the App store. 

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