A few weeks ago, I proudly announced that Huddle’s vision of transforming the enterprise content management (ECM) and social software markets had received further validation with the closure of our $24 million Series C round of funding.

Enterprise CIO’s are demanding both content and collaboration in the cloud. Huddle delivers this, transforming traditional ECM by making it:

  • Collaborative
  • Social
  • Ubiquitously accessible
  • Intelligent

Today, with the launch of the new Huddle for iPad collaboration app, we’re proving that, unlike many companies in our space, Huddle is all about doing stuff rather than talking about doing it. Our first technology debut since the closure of our Series C round, Huddle for iPad collaboration app is the first (and best) content collaboration app for the enterprise. It brings together world-class enterprise content management, social collaboration and mobile productivity to unlock the true potential of anywhere, anytime working.

An industry first, Huddle for iPad collaboration app combines cloud storage, mobile editing and social collaboration with Huddle’s patent-pending intelligent recommendation technology to automatically deliver and sync the most relevant files to workers’ iPads. Due to its intelligence, the app knows about all of the content that exists across your extended enterprise ecosystem. It constantly seeks out content across the platform that may be relevant to you, delivering it to you when you need it most. Think of it as your personal, intelligent content butler, who knows what content you may need before you do.  The iPad collaboration app ensures that you not only have secure access to the latest versions of your documents, online and offline, but you can also discover previously unknown content from across the enterprise that is relevant to your job.

In today’s 24/7 knowledge economy, enterprises have made their needs clear. IT departments must be able to securely manage all content across your social organisation. However, they must also empower workers to access and edit relevant documents when on the go and connect them to the rest of the organization with social technologies. Huddle for iPad is the first mobile technology that satisfies the needs of both parties. Integrations with Google QuickOffice, Readdle and Fileboard ensure that people can create, edit and interact with files on the on the move and all the data security and management needs of IT are met. With analyst house IDC estimating that the mobile worker population will reach more than 1.3 billion by 2015, the demand for technology that enables people to work as effectively and securely on their tablets as they would from their desktops is only set to increase. With Huddle’s intelligence layer, we are leading the market.

It’s completely free for Huddle users, so don’t stay shackled to your desks, using the iPad for business is now a reality – download the app now!

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