You have to be a lot more creative today if you want to find your perfect job. Social Media can give you the edge that other candidates may lack.

Now I know I’ve mentioned both LinkedIn and Twitter in the past but these two sites are so valuable that I have to highlight them again.

LinkedIn and Xing

LinkedIn can be used to search for both people and companies. If you are clever you can find the right person at the company you’re after and speak to them direct. This could be a gamble depending on the type of job you’re after, but sometimes being more aggressive than the next person pays off. Employers and recruitment agencies also post jobs on LinkedIn, so keep an eye out for those.

I also want to highlight Xing, which is less known but definitely worth using. It has a lot of the same functions as LinkedIn. Why not expand you network even further by signing up to both these sites?


How to find a job on Twitter? Well recruiters have discovered Twitter and are using it to tweet about job opportunities. There are even newspapers that tweet about jobs. So make use of the search function and check out #jobs.

You can also use Twellow to find people from specific companies. Type the organisation’s name into the search box and you’ll get the bios and URL’s of the people who tweet in that company. I love this tool. It brings out the stalker in me.

Video CVs on YouTube

How to find a job? You say. Well if you are really creative, why not create a video CV and post it on YouTube? Remember the movie Legally Blond when Elle Woods made one for Harvard?  It may not be such a good idea to do it in your bikini, but who knows right? It worked for her.

Facebook and your reputation

I don’t use Facebook for job hunting but only connect with my friends. However, this is a tool used by many. Just remember that recruiters are using sites like Facebook and to do background checks on you. So be careful what you post and write, especially if it is under your real name.

If you find that your reputation has been tarnished all is not lost, there are companies out there to help you clear your name so to speak. Sites to check out: Reputation Defender Reputation Management Consultants and Trackur

How to find that job? Think outside the box. Good luck!

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