In today’s June product release, you’ll see some fantastic new updates.

Firstly, you can now view .pdf files quickly online in your browser using the native pdf reader or Adobe Acrobat if you have it installed. With faster access to required content, you should save time and your working life will be made a little bit easier.

View .pdf files in your browser

Secondly, we’ve improved the invitation acceptance process. If you are already logged into Huddle, you can accept invitations from your colleagues with just one click and join their workspace immediately. You no longer have to re-enter your account details, saving you time.

Finally, the very first time you or your colleagues join a new workspace, you’ll see a brand new quick help guide, which offers a dynamic introduction to using Huddle. With prompts highlighting all the major collaborative areas, such as where to upload files and allocate tasks, everyone can get up and running immediately.

Get up and running immediately with Huddle's new quick help guide

As ever there are also some minor tweaks and fixes to make sure that we’re constantly making Huddle quicker and easier to use.

The Huddle product team always appreciates your feedback and takes all of your ideas on board, so please let us know your thoughts

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