As one of Europe’s leading public transport operators, Keolis seems to run more competitive tender bids than it does buses. However, as this compelling case study demonstrates, when you have Huddle on your side, the bid management process runs like clockwork.

When working on projects for new tenders, teams from across Keolis collaborate to prepare bid plans and tender documentation. Each project involves the distribution of sensitive documents to customers, joint venture partners, and external consultants based at a number of different locations.

In the past, sensitive documentation was sent as hard copies via courier. Keolis also relied on email communication to transmit less sensitive material. However, with a restrictive firewall in place and the need to maintain high levels of security, this was less than ideal when it came to collaborating with dispersed teams.

After examining an extensive list of products, including Central Desktop and HyperOffice, Huddle was chosen—principally because of its government-approved security. “With Huddle, we can work with our government partners’ content, safe in the knowledge that it meets their security requirements,” says Jonathan Barwick, Bid Manager, Keolis UK. “Everything sits in our Huddle workspaces, and using Huddle’s permission controls, we can ensure that various sets of people can access the specific content they need to review. Signing off on files is now much simpler.”

When team members wish to work from home, Huddle provides them with full access to all the content they need to work on.

“Huddle has taken the hassle out of IT and location for us. When moving offices during a bid process, we didn’t have to worry about moving servers or installing complex infrastructure. The team was up and running almost immediately, and Huddle was an effective alternative to our servers. The Huddle support team has been extremely helpful and we plan to use Huddle on our bid projects moving forward,” Jonathan explains.

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