How does an automotive giant maintain brand consistency in its marketing activities across 70 dedicated PR offices, more than 40,000 employees worldwide and multiple external agencies?

That was the challenge facing Kia Motors, one of the world’s fastest-growing automotive brands. Every message conveyed to customers, whether through special events, press junkets, TV or print advertisements, needs to match the experience customers receive when they walk through the door of a Kia dealership.

Collaboration security needed to be tightened up too. For instance, the media would sometimes snatch a sneak preview photograph of a top secret new Kia vehicle. The photograph was not only published to the world; Kia had no way to identify the origin of the leak.

To communicate consistent marketing messages across borders, languages and cultures—safely and securely—Kia turned to Huddle. The best-in-class platform for content collaboration platform enables the Korean automotive company to collaborate on and coordinate multichannel, multi-step marketing programs. Information generated by the Seoul headquarters is now shared immediately with 70 PR teams worldwide using Huddle, who in turn work with numerous PR, marketing and news agencies to tailor content and activities to their local markets.

Thanks to Huddle, Kia’s marketing strategy is now back in the fast lane. Marketing and agency teams participate in discussions and collaborate more easily; the company retains secure control over what messaging is released to the public; and campaign coordination has been transformed.

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