If you’re not familiar with the term ‘knowledge management’, you will certainly be familiar with the issues that bad knowledge management raises as you go about your work. An effective knowledge management system can make a huge difference when it comes to collaboration, productivity, and ROI. Here we examine how having the right system in place can make knowledge management workers the eighth wonder of the world. But first, let’s start with what’s broken.

At Huddle, we work with thousands of companies. Based on their feedback, we’ve identified the main knowledge management issues companies face.

Overly complex systems

We’re all busy people. We do not have the time to spend getting familiar with a knowledge management system that is too complex. The success of such a system is dependent on people using it to its full capability—and actually getting people using it. It must be straightforward to use.

Huddle is so straightforward to use that we offer a 100% user adoption guarantee. For the IT department, this means high levels of collaboration, adoption, and ROI. As users don’t require any training, teams can be using it within days, saving valuable time at the outset of a project.

Being unable to share large files with people outside your company

Projects can involve hundreds of people from an array of different departments and geographies. It’s a far more collaborative world than it used to be, but a major barrier to effective knowledge management is people being unable to share content easily.

Video and graphic content files are enormous and can create a genuine problem for IT departments in managing email traffic. Different companies have different firewall restrictions, so having to configure those firewalls and VPNs to ensure files get through is a sizable IT headache.

We need to be confident that colleagues and partners outside the organization will be able to view files. The best way to ensure this: keep all your important and relevant content in one central knowledgebase such as Huddle. People can access content whenever and wherever they are and at any time of the day. It means you keep IT off your back.

Working on the wrong version of a document

Most of us know the frustration of working on a document that isn’t the latest, most up-to-date version. Working on an unapproved document is a waste of time and resources and potentially a major issue, should unapproved content go out and be shared.

So your knowledge management system needs to address this. Huddle has an audit trail feature that ensures that you are always viewing or editing the most recent version of a document, an invaluable asset that allows users to not waste time working on an older document.

Unable to find the files you need

Actually, locating files is another knowledge management issue that most people talk to us about. Whether it’s a company’s own server or some kind of extranet or intranet, finding the correct and most up-to-date version of a document can be hugely annoying, especially if a deadline is looming.

Using Huddle, your content can be organized by title, size, date modified or approval status, making it impossible for files to go missing. But if for whatever reason, you’re unable to find the desired files Huddle has, a powerful in-built search engine enables you to find the required information in a matter of seconds.

A lack of security

A concern for clients is their content being seen by someone that shouldn’t. Content we deal with is often confidential. Anything being viewed by a competitor could have serious consequences—a great knowledge management system can prevent this.

Huddle is used by more than 100,000 organizations globally, including many government departments, all of which have some of the strictest security requirements imaginable. The levels of security provided for these public sector customers are applied to all of our customers to ensure that no files will ever go public.

Can’t access files on the move

Business professionals are now used to working remotely and on mobile devices so we must have a knowledge management system that allows this. In the 24/7 knowledge economy clients have changing requirements in how quickly they expect a response from a company.

Content must be able to be viewed, edited, and approved on the move and on the device of your choosing. Whether you’re an Apple or Android fanboy/fangirl or you use a company Blackberry, Huddle allows you to use your device to manage content on it. There are specific apps for iPad, iPhone, Blackberry and Android, ensuring collaboration and knowledge management whatever your device.

Unable to collaborate

Working in 2013 is all about collaboration. You find the best people for the job in hand—sometimes that will be people inside your organization, but increasingly it will be a diverse group in different companies, in different locations. Collaboration using archaic knowledge management tools like email, intranets, and extranets is a risky business for marketers. They are inefficient, slow, unsecure, and not fit for purpose in 21st century workplace.

Huddle is an intelligent collaboration platform for all your internal and external collaboration needs. Enabling such speedy and efficient collaboration means that your team is more productive and the time of project completion can be faster—a big win.

The repercussions of the wrong system

The wrong knowledge management systems can lead to all manner of problems: working on the wrong version of a file, waiting for approval from someone that has gone on holiday, important files unable to get through a firewall, documents saved in the wrong place on an intranet, valuable work hours spent rectifying issues…the list goes on.

A Huddle implementation supercharges productivity, collaboration, and, as a consequence, ROI.

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