LeasePlan is the world’s leading fleet and vehicle management company, operating a UK fleet of 135,000 vehicles. In order to coordinate and manage the development of our software solutions, we needed a secure, central environment to coordinate workflow management between our developers and the briefs they receive from the rest of the business.

With Huddle, we now have a secure cloud-based content collaboration platform for the teams to store, share and work on their content. With everything stored in one place, Huddle gives us a complete overview of each project and its automated approvals feature enables us to speed up our own processes and easily manage workflow. Everyone involved in a project has complete visibility of what is going on at any one time.

We use Huddle for every single project within LeasePlan UK. These can be small projects, like internal system upgrades, to big projects, which impact the rest of the group in other countries as well. So it was essential to have a platform that would allow us to collaborate across the firewall.

Before Huddle, we used Lotus Notes Project Room, but it limited us in terms of collaboration and only internal teams could access it. With Huddle, we can give external users involved in our projects access to all the information they need without compromising our internal security system. A new workspace is set up for each project and this enables us to tailor the security settings and permissions levels for each person.

Another one of our key goals was to reduce inbox traffic. Huddle has provided a more efficient way to share documents, keeping our local drives and inboxes free from using up unnecessary space. We no longer spend time searching for the documents we need on our desktops or in our inboxes. Huddle has provided a central location to store all documents and comments related to them.  Task management, audit control and automated approvals enable teams to manage and collaborate on projects. Now everything can be managed electronically, it has streamlined our approvals process and enabled us to easily coordinate workflow and this makes it easier to deliver results on time.

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