As we welcome in 2011, people across the globe are no doubt making resolutions to become healthier, slimmer, more active etc.

And the Huddle team is no different. Unashamedly following the “New Year = new fitness regime” trend, Huddlers can be seen racing to the local gyms and running along the pavements near Huddle HQ.

However, six people are running for much more than just the benefit of their waistlines. This year, a Huddle team has entered the London Marathon and will be running for the charity IT 4 Children in Hospital (IT4CH).

Set up in 1997, the aim of IT4CH is to provide all children who are sick, disabled or underprivileged with access to ICT. The technology provided allows children to safely access the internet, stay in contact with friends and family and keep up with their education when in hospital or sick at home.  This helps to ensure that children are able to cope when they return to school.

IT4CH’s goal, ensuring that everyone has access to innovative technology and supporting social change, are values that are fully supported by Huddle. These are the reasons that Ali and Andy set up the Huddle Foundation, which provides Huddle completely free to charities and non-profit organizations.

Following the excitement of securing their places running for IT4CH, Colin Grossman, Ashleigh Bilodeaux, Paul Hussey, Harry Knibbs, Nopadon Wongpakdee and Bulat Yapparov are now faced with the challenge of getting themselves into shape to run 26.2 miles!

Over the next few months, the Huddle team will be updating you via the blog on their progress, the trials faced, the injuries incurred and the achievements.  IT4CH is a really worthy cause so please dig into your pockets (I know it’s hard post-Chistmas, rail fare and VAT hikes!) and donate whatever you can  here:

To kick off the marathon blog series, there will be a few posts that will introduce you to the team in full, their reasons for running, their previous experience and training tips and tricks. Colin Grossman will be the first person to get his five minutes of fame next week…

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