The management consultancy industry relies on two key things; its people and information. The other given in consultancy is that both of those things will be spread out around the country or the world at any one time. The danger, of course, is that as a business we don’t utilise our combined knowledge and capabilities as best we can. Reworking or losing vital knowledge costs consultancy a significant amount of revenue each year.

As a consultancy which had recently grown substantially due to the merger between WDScott and Distinct, the newly formed firm needed a solution to help manage the huge amount of information and knowledge that we generate each year. The tool also needed to further improve communication and productivity between geographically spread project teams and be easily implemented, with benefits being realised in a short period of time. Partnering with many of the leading global financial institutions who work on tight timeframes, the need for us to work quickly and smartly is an imperative.

Huddle provided a solution to both of these requirements and also had some unexpected benefits. We created a single ‘huddle’ to house our collective IP. This huddle can be accessed by all of those in the company. By creating a clear folder structure in combination with the powerful search facility, it quickly made it easy for users to find the most relevant documents. The time needed to develop new pitches, find previous projects and relevant industry information was significantly reduced.

Project teams themselves can be both geographically dispersed and also include members from the client. The ability to store documents with clear versioning controls, use discussion areas and run online meets has been integral to improving productivity. The fact that non-company members can be invited to join specific huddles was also a bonus.

A small feature that has proved to be invaluable is the ability to define individuals that need to approve or review specific documents and then track progress. The individual dashboard makes it very clear which documents the user must actively look at and also highlights where other documents have been amended or updated.

Being able to access Huddle from virtually anywhere will become increasingly important as we continue to grow. With offices in the UK, Ireland, the United States and all over Australasia already, Huddle has already proved a cost effective solution to a big problem.

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