There’s just one month and 21 days to go until this year’s London Marathon and it’s now full steam ahead for the Huddle marathon team.

The intrepid Huddlers are running in aid of IT 4 Children in Hospital (IT4CH). The aim of IT4CH is to provide all children who are sick, disabled or underprivileged with access to ICT. This is a very worthy cause, so please get giving – every penny helps!

The team member in the spotlight this week is Harry Knibbs.

Previous running experience (races, PBs etc)?

I was the kid at school that was entered for the cross country runs – usually about 5k – 10k. The marathon will be a massive step up, but I am ready to take on what I know is going to be a tough challenge.

What training have you done so far?

I am a newbie to the Huddle marathon team so my training plan is to run 3 or 4 times a week. I have been told that a good way to prepare is to run a marathon a week so that is what I am aiming to do. I’m a member of a gym so I’ve already been making great use of that, but I’ll also make sure that I run some of the London Marathon route to get used to terrain rather than a treadmill.

Reason for entering the marathon?

My past experiences have been working with under privileged kids so any charity focused on such a cause is always going to grab my attention. Now I have the opportunity to raise money for a truly worthwhile charity whilst achieving one of the goals I have always wanted to accomplish. Completing the London Marathon (and possibly get on TV).

Training plans or tips?

Have music with a good beat and a long playlist. It keeps your feet moving and motivates you to get to the end of the playlist.

Target time for the marathon?

This is my first marathon and the first remotely competitive race that I have entered since leaving school so I think a target of about 4:30 hours is very reasonable.

What do you eat before /   after training?

Chocolate and a Lucozade before and after. I would be lying if I said that I ate salad.

Thoughts on IT4CH?

It is a great cause and I couldn’t turn down the opportunity to help sick and underprivileged kids get the best out of their time in hospital. IT4CH is not just about improving children’s education levels it is also making their stay in hospital more fun and allowing them to keep in close contact with friends and family. It is a fantastic charity.

Any fun or interesting facts?

I have recently graduated from university and I am very grateful to my housemates for helping me train for this event. As part of my initiation into university life, I had to get down to my designer Marks and Spencer’s boxers (that my mum most likely bought and packed for me) and run across the campus as quickly as I possibly could.

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