This week will see our third release of 2011 and, in response to your thoughts and ideas, there are two key updates that will make your working life a lot easier.

The first of these fantastic updates is in Tasks. At the end of last year, we launched our all new Tasks section and highlighted the fact that we would continue to develop and improve it in line with your feedback. On Thursday, you’ll find that you now have Task audit trails, giving you visibility of all recent actions against your team’s tasks in a brand new overlay.

The action column will contain a lot more information on exactly what has been changed and the person that made the updates, so you can see exactly how a task has evolved.

The second great change that you’ll see this week is the ability to add a customized message to a notification and approval. Rather than just sending your team the standard email, informing them of updates to a file, discussion or whiteboard, you’ll be able to personalize the communication.

From the email, colleagues can instantly be made aware of why a change has been made, why it is relevant and any key information that you wish to highlight.

This month’s release also included a lot of the groundwork required for some exciting new features over the coming months, so watch this space…

As always, we appreciate your feedback and take all of your ideas on board, so please let us know your thoughts here

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