Calling all marketers. Would you like to find out what your peers are doing in the marketing community, learn about best practices or simply gather ideas for upcoming marketing campaigns? Then we have just the thing for you! We at Marketing hub are excited to announce the launch of our MarketingMassive! webinar series. We have partnered with some of the world’s leading marketing associations and publications such as AMA (American Marketing Association), B2B Marketing Magazine and AdWeek and more to bring you the best marketing success stories straight to your desk. We hope for Marketing hub to become your home for all things marketing and make your nine to five a bit easier.

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13 December, 1:00pm EST/4:00pm GMT
B2B brands beyond borders: How to make international marketing more effective.

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19 December, 1:00pm EST/4:00pm GMT
The Brand Experience: Lessons Learned from 2012

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If you missed our last webinar ‘Collaborate or Die! How to Get the Most from the Brand-Agency Relationship’ you can view it here. Guest speakers James Clark – Co-Founder, Room 214 and Huddle’s  customer Tyler Starrine – VP Campaign Development, DEI provided insights into how they get the most out of their marketing efforts by creating effective brand-agency relationships.

Check for more information on the sessions below. We hope to see you there!

B2B brands beyond borders: How to make international marketing more effective.

Globalization, and the growing ability to tap into international markets, is creating huge opportunities for B2B brands. But with it come significant challenges. How do you manage B2B activities across multiple territories seamlessly and with maximum effectiveness? How do you ensure disparate groups of marketers, sales people and channel partners in remote locations are working cohesively towards the specified objectives?

This webcast will explore some of the challenges that are facing international B2B brands, and look at technological solutions to overcome this. It will include a live Q&A between the participants and members of the online audience.

Key learning’s from this session:

  • How to ensure consistency of brand and product messages
  • How to gather meaningful feedback from disparate teams
  • How to generate new ideas and collaborate internationally
  • How to share marketing materials, assets and resources effectively

The Brand Experience: Lessons Learned from 2012

Marketing Master Jim Joseph takes a look at recent trends in brand marketing through the lens of real-life examples of brands and the experiences they have built this year.  Jim will take a look at what worked and what didn’t work, all with the eye toward learning for greater success in 2013.  After all, marketing is a spectator sport and we can all learn from each other.

Brands Examined Include:  Red Bull, Nike, Kraft, D&G as well as The Olympics and The Election

Format:  This webcast will be a dual moderation format to discuss brand examples and will highlight best and not-so-best practices in marketing and communications.

Areas of Discussion:

  • Understanding your target customer
  • Connecting on an emotional level
  • Creating engagement that drives brand loyalty
  • Behaving consistently from touch point to touch point
  • Working with multiple teams to drive a total brand experience

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