Following your feedback on Huddle, this month’s product release includes some great new updates to ensure that you can collaborate, view and share information with people faster.

The first of these updates involves the new people that you invite into your Huddle workspaces. Rather than having to wait for people to accept your invitation, you can now start interacting with your invited users immediately.

You can now allocate tasks, assign approvals or notify people about documents as soon as you send out the Huddle invitation. When new people join the workspace, their notifications and tasks will be waiting for them, so they can start working with you immediately.

The second fantastic change you’ll notice is that you can now view videos directly in Huddle. You no longer have to download files in order to view content, you can simply view them within your workspaces.

Minimal controls, maximum space for your video or audio. Big Buck Bunny © 2008, Blender Foundation -

Expect a summer release of media thumbnails. (The image shows work in progress). Big Buck Bunny © 2008, Blender Foundation -

Our new video and audio player enables you to play, pause and scan through your content.

Supported formats include all MPEG-14 extensions, such as MP3, M4a (AAC), M4V (H.264), MP4, M4P, M4B and M4r.

Two other great updates in the May release relate to Files. Firstly, you can now up upload new file versions with just one click. While you can still download and lock files while editing if you wish, this new feature allows updates to be made quickly and easily whenever a new file version is available.

The second update to Files is the new file views indicator. Find out what documents in your workspaces are the most popular with users via our new document views label. When you click on a file, a new label will reveal how many times the content has been viewed, providing a simple audit trail of how popular a file is within your workspace.

Other great improvements that you’ll notice in Huddle this week include a new drop-down menu so that you can find and access the content and tools you need faster.

Clear yet discreet buttons and menus never distract from the work at hand.

General tweaks and minor bug fixes have also taken place to make sure that Huddle always gives you an enjoyable user experience.

You join our webinar on Monday 23 May to see the new release in action and put your questions to the Product Team. You can register for the webinar here:

The release goes live tomorrow (Tuesday 10 May) and, as always, we appreciate your feedback and take all of your ideas on board, so please let us know your thoughts here:

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