Here’s a dangerous cocktail for collaboration: geographically dispersed sales teams and a slow, inflexible Intranet system for sharing content. Hardly the recipe for agile and responsive manufacturing, sales, and marketing processes, is it? However, that was the position Megger found itself in, a leading designer and manufacturer of portable electric test equipment, with offices all over the world and manufacturing plants in the UK, Sweden, Germany and the US.

As this Huddle case study explains, Megger’s ambition was to find a better way of sharing information and knowledge between its manufacturing sites and the sales organization. To create a community where people could not only find the content they needed but also chat and swap ideas with peers.

Building a business collaboration platform in-house was quickly rejected on grounds of resources and cost.  Huddle, meanwhile, offered a quick, cost-effective and low risk approach to content collaboration. The company now has 80 workspaces on Huddle, hosting 5,000 files that include product specification information, product presentations, application notes and product videos.

With offices in France, Germany, India, Singapore, South Africa, Moscow and the U.S. the ability to support multiple languages was also important to Megger. Using Huddle, it has created a database of knowledge that is auditable and searchable.

Huddle also provides a flexible platform for acquisition. Megger recently acquired SebaKMT and the company believes that Huddle will play a key role in helping to integrate the 400 employees into Megger. Previously, to provide all new employees with relevant information and familiarize them with the Megger product portfolio would have been tough—especially for the most remote staff. Huddle provides a central resource for everyone to search and find the information relevant to their job role within the technical community.

It all adds up to a mega successful strategy for secure, cloud-based content collaboration.

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