Mobile content management is so important for the modern workforce—especially marketers. The rise of content marketing has seen many organizations place content at the very heart of their marketing. How that content is stored, accessed, and managed impacts on how successfully it can be deployed.

Most companies are increasingly mobile—just count the smartphones and tablet PCs next time you’re in a meeting or conference. Marketers are using mobile devices for mobile content management every single day and choosing the right mobile content management system is a major decision for marketers.

To help, here are nine must-haves to look at when you’re evaluating a mobile content management system.

1. Ease of use

First and foremost, a mobile content management systems needs to be simple to use. Marketers are busy people and don’t have the time to spend hours and hours learning how to use a system and get it to do what they need. Given that modern marketing also involves collaboration across different companies, countries and time zones, users must be able to get up to speed immediately.

When a system is easy to use, people actually use it. That sounds obvious, but SharePoint has an incredibly low user adoption of around 32%, whereas at Huddle offers a 100% user adoption guarantee.

2. Top security

An organization’s content is its intellectual property and the wrong eyeballs on it can spell disaster. Clients and their marketing agency don’t want confidential documents falling into competitors’ hands, nor do they want them freely available on a lost or stolen device. So the system you choose has to be perfectly secure.

A client needs to have total trust in an agency and the confidence that the mobile content management system is bulletproof. With Huddle’s guaranteed uptime of 99.9%, and it being used by 80% of the central UK Government, security is something we take very seriously.

3. Accessibility

Marketing teams no longer work from the same building, from 9 to 5 and on their desktop PCs. They’re mobile, work remotely, and are based all over the world. So the system they’re using has to be accessible at anytime, from anywhere. Users must be allowed to edit and manage content irrespective of location or mobile device type. And they must be 100% confident in their ability to do so.

Having always-on, 24/7 accessibility means that you can be much more responsive to your clients, ultimately providing a better quality of service. Any modern marketer must be able to work on the device of their choosing, which is why Huddle has apps for iPad, iPhone, Blackberry, and Android.

4. Low cost, high value

We live and work in pressured economic times, with organizations always looking to save costs where possible. That means choosing a mobile content management system that doesn’t cost the earth but provides high value to your marketing team.

Huddle is cloud-based , so not only is it a cheaper option to start off, with no initial costs for servers, customization and additional license, it offers significantly lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).

It can be deployed in a matter of minutes, allowing your marketing team to be up and running within days. Transparent pricing means you can account for every last cent.

5. Reliability

When managing something as important as marketing collateral, you have to be 100% confident that your system will work when you need it to. When your clients need changes to a document right now– you can give them a real-time response.

While no one can guarantee 100% uptime, Huddle get as close to one hundred as possible, with our customers (SLAs) for the rare occasions downtime may occur.

6. Full integration with your existing systems

When you are choosing any technology for a business you want to make sure it fits with your existing IT systems and doesn’t make your operations overly complex. That’s why Huddle was designed to be fully integrated with a whole host of other applications. We aren’t the biggest fans of SharePoint to say the least, but if you can’t drop it altogether, we have an easy way to integrate with legacy SharePoint systems. Deploy Huddle on top of SharePoint to get all the features SharePoint lacks.

7. Complete collaboration across countries, time zones, and firewalls

Marketing is now a genuinely collaborative industry, and the simple sharing and management of content, both inside and outside of an organization, is critical. I’m sure some of your marketing campaigns see you collaborating with hundreds of people that work in different companies and countries, with people commenting on, editing, and sharing files on a 24/7 basis.

So your mobile content management system has to address this kind of collaboration. Huddle allows collaboration across the firewall, meaning you can exchange files in a seamless way with whomever you choose, both inside and outside the company, and with no VPN and firewall configurations.

This increased collaboration means projects are completed in less time. With pressure in marketing to deliver ahead of schedule, can you afford not to have complete collaboration available to your users? 

8. Effective file management

 Given the volume of people that work on a typical marketing project, the size and scale of the file management task can be immense. So when you choose your mobile content management system, it must be one that not only allows the speedy uploading and management of files, but also allows you to locate those files with a minimum of fuss.

This can have an impact on ROI. Recent research by TechValidate with more than 50 Huddle customers showed that 85% of respondents believed their staff saved at least one hour every week by using Huddle for content collaboration.

If you are a marketing agency that bills clients for time spent on a project, then one hour saved per staff member each week adds up to plenty of people hours that could be spent on billable time and big improvements on the bottom line.

9. Addressing the underlying processes

The last point to address is that mobile content management is as dependent on people as it is on technology. Your organization has to promote a culture of collaboration and embrace ways of working that will increase efficiency and productivity.

Once that strategy has been put in place though, help is at hand. Huddle offers mobile content management to suit any marketing team or project.

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