You’ve probably experienced it before – that sinking feeling when you reach into your pocket or bag for your phone, only to discover it’s not there. Where did you leave it? On the train? In the bar you were at earlier? Or perhaps it was stolen. Either way, it’s gone and you’re probably not going to get it back.

As painful as it may be, you can probably live without your phone for a while, but what you might not want to contemplate is someone getting access to your company data.

At Huddle, we understand the risks of using mobile devices for work. That’s why we’ve enhanced security by adding a mobile passcode option to the Huddle for iOS app. So, even if you leave your device unlocked, your work in Huddle stays secure.

Companywide control

For IT, security and compliance managers, mobile security is a constant headache, particularly as more and more companies adopt a BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) policy. With this in mind, we’ve provided greater control over mobile security for Huddle Company Managers, who can enable the mandatory use of a mobile passcode on the Huddle for iOS app at a companywide level.

Company Managers can learn more about enabling Mobile Passcode here.

Easy to use

Mobile Passcode is easy to setup and use, and works with your existing security controls including Single Sign On and Multi-Factor Authentication. 

Find out more about setting up and using Mobile Passcode on your iPhone or iPad here.

Protection from hacking

Brute force attempts to access Huddle by guessing the password are mitigated by ensuring that commonly used passcodes such as 1111 or 1234 cannot be used. And, if the passcode in entered incorrectly five times, Huddle automatically signs out the user and deletes all data stored locally on the device. Data can easily be restored by the legitimate user by signing back into Huddle with the correct credentials.

Doubling down on our security commitments

Mobile Passcode is just one element of our continued focus on security, including enhanced permissions control for internal and external users, multi-factor authentication options, viewer only access levels and support for EMM, MAM and MDM.

Learn more about our enterprise and government grade security features here, or get started using our mobile apps today. To download Huddle for iPhoneHuddle for iPad or Huddle for US Government and Healthcare, visit the Apple iTunes App store*.

*You must have an active Huddle account to use the Huddle for iOS apps. 

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