The drive for government departments to work together has never been higher, and in the past five years government departments have been driving towards a more collaborative, digital approach to working. This means less paper, increased mobility and the ability to work remotely and travel less. Of course, this delivers cost-savings, but more importantly it ensures better outcomes by allowing agencies to work more efficiently with each other.  

A great example is Multi-Agency Safeguarding Hubs (MASHs), an initiative born out of a problem with the way central and local government agencies collaborate and share information.

What is surprising however is that despite these transformational changes, many IT deployments remain siloed within independent government departments. As a result, when different departments and agencies want to work together, they often run into technical difficulties, especially when there’s reliance on a Records Management System (RMS).

Legacy on-premise RMS solutions provide a true challenge for cross-agency collaboration. These systems do not allow for easy, secure and controlled collaboration on content; a capability that government agencies are in dire need of.

In recent years, cloud collaboration platforms have helped bridge this gap for government, offering an easy, yet secure means of bringing agencies and their work together in one place. Take Huddle‘s secure workspace model: teams and departments can easily set up a contained area  known as a workspace, where invited users can collaborate securely around content, manage approval workflows, set tasks and share files, regardless of their location or IT infrastructure.

The Department of Work and Pensions (DWP), a Huddle customer, is an example of a government department that has harnessed cloud collaboration technology particularly well to achieve their goals.  DWP uses Huddle to provide updates to different local authorities, which enables them to communicate quickly and effectively with all key stakeholders. A team project member at DWP also mentioned that Huddle has been “easily adopted by all users as it’s so intuitive to use”.

It’s initiatives like these that are steering UK government to reach their digital transformation goals!

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