Navanti Group, a research company focused on development and stabilization issues around the world, has selected Huddle to help its teams collaborate on the reports and information that it shares with clients.

Working globally, Navanti specializes in making complex environments accessible through data, and blending local perspectives with expert analysis to provide clients with real-time insight into economic, political, and security trends.

Using Huddle as its Client Portal and collaboration solution, Navanti Group will be able to improve how stakeholders collaborate on content, and how clients access their reports and interact with the Navanti team.

Given the nature of its work, and the work that it does with U.S Government, security was also a key factor in Navanti Group’s decision to select Huddle.  

Huddle is FedRamp authorized and is already widely used across U.S Federal Government – including USAID, which is also a Navanti client.

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