If you’re using online tools like Huddle, chances are you’ve been asked to complete a Net Promoter Score (NPS) survey at one time or another. It’s such a simple survey, and a great way to capture how your users perceive the quality of your product.

We took the decision to start capturing NPS 4 years ago. The results have improved year on year and in 2019 we achieved our highest scores yet, achieving a 25 point improvement over the monthly average for 2018.

While NPS is a great performance indicator, on its own it doesn’t tell you what to do next. So we decided to go the extra mile to find out what our users really think about our Product.

Giving the customer (experience) a voice

It is no accident that the introduction of NPS as a leading indicator of satisfaction for Huddle users coincided with a strategic decision to place customer experience at the heart of our Product roadmap. Going forwards, every UI release had to have a positive impact on the customer experience and we would measure the impact of that through a continual improvement in our NPS performance.

When many tech organizations talk about customer experience, they often refer to it solely in the context of launching new features. “This new widget has a great customer experience.” Quite frankly, there isn’t a lot of point in introducing a new feature if your existing product and features don’t deliver a great customer experience. So at Huddle we treat customer experience as a feature itself, and that approach has yielded impressive results, not only in terms of NPS performance, but also in the number of users that keep coming back. In 2019 we’ve already surpassed our previous highest number of returning users, but we’ll save that story for future post.

To kick-off our extreme focus on customer experience we started by analyzing customer support  tickets, and quickly expanded our research to include feedback gathered from face to face customer interviews, user behavior and adoption metrics, and we also added a simple feedback form to our NPS surveys so users could tell us what they love about Huddle and what we could do to improve.

What did we learn?

While our analysis showed that customers love how easy Huddle is to use, and that the support we provide through our Helpdesk and Customer Success Teams forms a valued part of the service we deliver, it was clear people wanted an easier way to navigate around the Product; put simply, people wanted improvements to Workspace navigation, and simpler ways to manage Files, Tasks and Actions.

We took this feedback to heart and got to work designing an improved navigation experience, not only visually, but in the very structure of the navigation controls, making them easier to use, and reducing the amount of screen space they consume.

The response to the new navigation experience has been amazing:

- “It is very easy to navigate.” Advisory Services User

- “Really easy application to use.” Emergency Services User

- “Great product easy to organize documents, seamless.” Accounting and Advisory User

We’re happy with our progress, but we’ve still got lots of work to do. Next month we’ll be launching a new Search experience to make it even easier for users to find the content they’re looking for.

Introducing Huddle’s Early Access Program

Although the analysis of our existing engagement channels has delivered great results, we’re always looking for ways to get even more granular user feedback. That’s why next month we’re launching our Early Access Program, which will give select Huddle users unprecedented pre-release access to new product features and customer experience enhancements. Watch this space for news on how you can get involved.

For Huddle’s Product, Engineering and Support teams, the continual improvements in our NPS score represents the fruits of our labors, and our ongoing commitment to delivering a fantastic customer experience.

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