We’ve updated the upcoming calendar tools both on your Dashboard and within each workspace to allow users to scroll through events in the weeks and months ahead or in the past. This allows you to view a full calendar of all meetings and tasks across all your workspaces on the Dashboard page, and access a centralized project calendar in each workspace. Just click the arrow icons on any of these calendars. Linking these calendars to Outlook or your favourite calendar program via the iCal feed allows you to seamlessly integrate your Huddle work with your desktop diary.

We also have a new workspaces view. Click the workspaces dropdown list in the top left of your Huddle screen and you’ll see some changes. To make navigation easier we now list your workspaces in the following order: the top five active workspaces, followed by all other workspaces in alphabetical order, with any archived workspaces at the bottom. So moving between pages is now easier, especially when you are a member of a long list of workspaces.

There’s also a new WYSIWYG editor in the Workspace Description area – so if you want to add hyperlinks, formatted text or even images to the Overview tab of each workspace you can do this easily. You’ll see this new text editor when you create a new workspace, or when you go to the Settings tab of an existing workspace and click ‘Edit Workspace Settings’.

Finally, we’ve launched Huddle Office plug-in in public beta: Just go to our apps page to find full installation instructions and notes. More great updates for this plug-in are coming soon so stay tuned!

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