Earlier this week we pushed a new feature onto our beta site for you all to play with. Meetings let you quickly and easily create one-off or recurring meetings for your team and manage them within Huddle. Pretty useful but not mind-blowing, right? Regular readers of our blog know that we run an agile development process and one of the key outputs of agile are regular, early releases of new features that may not be 100% functionally complete but are still useful.

Meetings is a perfect example of this process as it provides us with a base for adding in telephone conferencing and online meetings (desktop sharing, application sharing, chat), both of which will be released very soon. Exciting, eh?

This functionality, along with all the new stuff we’re building is available for you to play with at http://beta.huddle.net. We launched our beta at the end of 2008 and have been listening hard to all of your feedback (which, let’s be honest, wasn’t all good). But even bad feedback is great and we’ve been working hard to incorporate your ideas, fix your gripes and even put in some other clever stuff we’ve thought of.

We’re totally committed to only launching the beta to live when it’s perfect so keep the feedback coming. In the next couple of weeks we’ve got some changes to the widget sizes, text readability, clutter and navigation going live. Please do let us know what you think – this is your product and we want you to love it like your firstborn. Or iPhone. Whatever you love the most.

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