By 2016, analyst house, Gartner, predicts that 40% of the workforce will be mobile and two-thirds of this workforce will own a smartphone1. And if you’re like us, you already spend part of your day away from your desk, working on the go or in the field. So we thought we would make life a little easier for you.

Today, we released our new Huddle iOS app for both the iPhone and iPad. The think tank here at Huddle got together, scratched their heads, and light bulbs went off, resulting in some super-charged improvements that help you get the job done faster from your iPhone or iPad. Now you can collaborate more efficiently with your coworkers and your ecosystem of partners, suppliers, and contractors when you’re on the move.

The Huddle iOS app – new and improved

  • Take & upload photos: Now you can take pictures while you’re out in the field, upload them to Huddle, and share them with your team.
  • Leave feedback & approve files: Waiting for the bus? Log into Huddle to review your team’s proposals and submit feedback or approvals to move projects forward.
  • Content you’re working on finds you: Ten minutes in between meetings? Huddle shows you the content that’s active and relevant to you, so you don’t have to search for it. Quickly scan the recent activity in your workspaces to see all the feedback.
  • Work offline: No Internet connection? No problem. Now you can automatically synchronize comments, tasks, and approvals when you’re back online.
  • Upload files from your email: How to upload files from your email? Just hold your finger down (long press) on the attachment, then choose “Open in Huddle”. Simple.

We know that working together isn’t simply about dropping files in a box. It’s about communication and teamwork in a collaborative platform that makes sense. And now you can work better together and accomplish more from wherever you happen to be.

The new Huddle iOS app is available now for both the iPhone and iPad, free of charge, in the iTunes App Store.

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