You can now view even more document types directly in Huddle without having to download them first! As an extension of our online editing capabilities, we have introduced the new Huddle online document viewer that lets you view all Microsoft Office files, as well as Adobe PDF, OpenOffice, and rich text formats.

The full list of file types includes:

  • Microsoft Office Formats
    • doc / docx – Microsoft Word Document
    • xls / xlsx – Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet
    • ppt / pptx – Microsoft PowerPoint
    • pps – PowerPoint Slideshow
  • OpenDocument Formats
    • odt – OpenDocument Text
    • ods – OpenDocument Spreadsheet
    • odp – OpenDocument Presentation
  • OpenOffice Formats
    • sxw – Writer Document
    • Calc Spreadsheet
    • Impress Presentation
  • More Rich Text Formats
    • pdf – Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF viewer is in experimental stage)
    • rtf – Rich Text Format
    • html – Hyper Text Markup Language
    • txt – Plain Text Document
  • More Spreadsheet Formats:
    • csv – Comma Separated Values

We hope you find the added document support useful, and don’t forget to swing by the feedback forum

Luke Taylor

Director of Product

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