When working on lots of different projects or engagements, you’re probably also working on lots of different documents. As you flip between activities, confusion can quickly set in, and simple actions like finding the document you need can quickly become a real source of frustration.

That’s why Huddle’s UX and Design team have been hard at work making it easy to get back to what you were working on.

Towards the end of 2015 we introduced the recent files feature on the Web, Desktop and Mobile, which was quickly adopted as a convenient way to get back to your most recent documents.

And so, enthused by the success of recent files, we turned our attentions towards improving Huddle’s search capabilities.

Faster Response Times

Working closely with Huddle’s engineering team, we’ve significantly improved response times – results are now displayed in less than half a second.

More Targeted Results

You can now search inside just the workspace that you’re currently in, or expand to search all workspaces instead. 

Improved User Interface

To reduce the amount of time you spend scanning results, we’ve kept the design clean and tidy – we now show the top 6 files and top 3 folders by default, and give options to expand the search if you haven’t found what you were looking for. 

Whether conducting research for a whitepaper, or shopping for a new pair of shoes, over 93% of consumers begin their web browsing session with search, and so we  recognize how important a positive search experience is to helping people find what they need.

If you haven’t already, give Huddle’s new search interface a try – we think you’ll like what you find.

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