In my last blog post, Governments and enterprise enter the era of next-generation content collaboration, I looked at three of the five fundamental issues that the next generation of content collaboration technology is trying to solve:

  • Security being compromised through the use of consumer tools
  • Workers suffering from content overload
  • Legacy technology failing users

Today, I’m going to discuss the final two problems:

  • It’s still too difficult to work with people
  • The constant failure of traditional technology implementations

The first issue is a key frustration for workers worldwide and the second keeps both IT departments and business units across the globe awake at night. In fact, with workers trying to solve the first problem with contraband consumer tools for file storage and sharing, both issues have compounded the nightmare facing enterprise IT departments.  So, let’s have a look at these problems in more detail.

It’s too difficult to work together:

The fact that it’s still painfully difficult to work together in this day and age is almost incomprehensible when you consider the advances in technology over the last decade. I continually hear people say that it’s simply too difficult to collaborate with people beyond the firewall, or to work on the move, or to access company information through VPN.  Unfortunately, office workers are simply trying to get around these issues by using email, consumer tools like YouSendIt or Dropbox, or (incredibly) physical couriers!

The fact is that traditional IT processes have made collaboration far too complicated. Working with anyone across the firewall – whether partners, contractors or customers – is just too complex.  Accessing content via VPN is time-consuming at best and unbelievably laborious at worst. Working on the move is simply painful.  According to our Enterprise Information Landscape Study, which surveyed 4,000 office workers, sharing and working on content across the firewall is simply too hard:

  • Almost two thirds (65 percent) of office workers continue to revert to sending email attachments
  • Nearly a fifth (16 percent) use USB drives
  • A similar amount (15 percent) send hard copies of documents via courier
  • Eight percent send CDs or DVDs via mail

Unbelievable!  So we find ourselves back in the 90s, stuffing envelopes with paper and sending them off on a bike or passing USB sticks from office to office. Enterprise social platforms don’t help the situation as – in spite of the initial enthusiasm – they are simply firehouses of information that overload workers. Without a focus on content, they simply distract people and conversations head off on tangents.

Our vision is to transform the way people work and we believe that there’s a better way of working that brings together the power of cloud, the simplicity of mobile and the engagement of social.  That is why we talk about “Next generation content collaboration” and why companies like Kia Motors, SEGA, Unilever and P&G have turned to us. Not only can people share enterprise content securely, but they can do it online in the office, or offline on the move – and all conversations around the content are focused and kept in one place. This is the future. The constant failure of traditional technology implementations.

Traditional software deployments have always followed a standard process: select vendor, in (or out)-source solution, integrate everything and attempt to fix problem “once and for all”. Unfortunately, this has resulted in far too many failed deployments because the business user was not involved and their requirements change faster than the pace of deployment.  Cloud, social and mobile advances have changed everything. Business users are now demanding a change in how solutions are procured and deployed. I was recently reading an article, Insurance in the age of agility, by Richard Williams, CIO, Mitsui Sumitomo Insurance, who articulated this better than I ever could:

  • “What really is driving innovation and making it possible is the advent of cloud computing, visualization, software as a service and platform as a service”
  • “Trial a technology as a service – if it doesn’t work for your organization – ditch it”

IT organizations everywhere are faced with the challenge of continuing to deliver new capabilities in the face of shrinking budgets.  Costly large-scale roll-outs are becoming a thing of the past. You need the guarantee that a new service is adding value and that it is what the business requires – now.  Agility and ease-of-use are critical elements of modern deployments.

This Huddle’s vision – to provide a success guarantee through which we are driven to make you successful. We don’t believe in old-school enterprise roll-outs. We believe that world has passed.  Instead, we will work with you person-by-person, step-by-step, and guarantee your users enjoy and transform how they work.  Or your money back. What a refreshing world!

It’s now time for the next generation of content collaboration technology to take the helm in enterprise and government organizations worldwide. Would you like to transform the way you work and put an end to the frustrations I’ve mentioned? Take a look at our interactive demo and see what the future holds…

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