The NHS is the world’s biggest fax-machine buyer. It’s perhaps not a stat to be proud of, but it’s factual, nonetheless.

9,000 fax machines are in use across the NHS, and they’re used daily to share everything from patient records to administrative files between trusts.  

Media coverage of the issue has highlighted many of the problems that can occur when using the outdated technology. NHS staff frequently struggle to share important documents with services, they receive faxes in error, and they find it a productivity drain.

That’s why we want to help.

As the largest solution provider of document collaboration solutions to UK government and public sector organisations, we know a thing a two about helping NHS Trusts make the transition to cloud-based document sharing and collaboration.

When we talk to public sector organisations there’s often a belief that moving to cloud-based communications and content sharing is an arduous exercise. Either that, or they’ve tried before with platforms like Microsoft SharePoint and struggled with user adoption.

We already count 80% of central government departments, as well as numerous local government organisations and public sector bodies as clients, so we know that this is simply not the case with Huddle. In fact, our user research shows that we’re rated higher than tools like SharePoint for ease-of-use, support and simplicity of deployment.

The solution

Certified with ISO27001:2013, Cyber Essentials PLUS, and utilising UK data centres, Huddle makes it easy to share files, collaborate on content, and manage projects and programmes of work with colleagues, external services, vendors and even private sector partners.

Huddle is infinitely more efficient for content sharing than fax, and safer than using email. And, because it’s cloud based, it sits above any existing NHS infrastructure. That means its unaffected by ransomware threats (like the 2017 Wannacry attack, which disabled large parts of the organisation), so you can continue working even when internal applications like email are shut down.

We’re also an approved Crown Commercial Services supplier, and available via the G-Cloud digital marketplace, the government’s own procurement portal for cloud technology and services.

So, what can we do to help?

For a start, if you work within an NHS Trust, get in touch! We’ll be able to show you a demo of Huddle, and even share some of the ways that your NHS peers are using the technology.


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You can learn more about our work with UK Government here, or watch below how the Advancing Quality Programme used Huddle to save, share and organise sensitive files with more than 30 NHS partners.



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