At Huddle, we recognize that our product updates can have a big impact on your working lives and make collaborating with other people far easier. This month’s updates should improve not only the way teams store their content and the overall meeting experience, but also the way that they work with people when on the move. I’m sure that many Huddle users in possession of an Android smartphone will be happy to see our latest addition to our Huddle for Mobile apps.

So this month we are announcing:

  1. Changes to file naming in Huddle
  2. Link highlighting in meetings
  3. Handle, the first Android app powered by Huddle

From now on, all product release posts will include a short video so that you can see the new features in action. To read more about the updates, please see the information below.



1. Changes to file naming in Huddle

Previously, Huddle would store file names exactly as they were uploaded. This did not necessarily match what was displayed as the title in Huddle. For example, if a member of your team downloaded the file entitled “marketing plan”, the document on their device may actually be called “October MP – James v2 (1).docx”.

Now, this experience has been improved. Huddle now gives files the same name as their Title when you click Download. This means that changing a file’s title in Huddle also changes the name of the file that is downloaded to your computer. “Marketing Plan” = “Marketing Plan.docx”

2. Highlighting links in meetings

Many customers have requested the ability to paste click-able hyperlinks into meeting appointments and we have now added this functionality to the description and Web conferencing fields.

So you can now use Huddle to collaborate on the meeting agenda in a whiteboard and paste its link into your meeting description. You can also link to any useful reference documents stored elsewhere in the workspace.

Additionally, you can paste the launch link for your preferred third party web conferencing provider in the meeting appointment.

3. Handle, the first Android app powered by Huddle

This month’s updates mean you now have the ability to use Huddle on your Android device. Handle is powered by Huddle, works on both smartphones and tablets, and has received great reviews already. It’s completely free for everyone to use, so find out more or download it now from the Android marketplace and let us know what you think.

We really appreciate your feedback so please submit a ticket through the Huddle Support Portal, or add your support to the feature suggestions on our feedback forum. We read every idea and comment, and respond directly when we can.

There is a raft of great work coming soon so keep on watching this space!

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