When designing an office, many people don't take into account how the design will affect their productivity. Typically, the focus is on adding personal items such as photo frames, plants or other objects that reflect your style and tastes. While this may make your office more comfortable, there is a lot more you could be doing to make it a more productive office as well.

1. Lighting

If possible, opt for natural lighting. Natural lighting causes less eye strain and is more apt to keep you alert and energized. If you don't have a window, this could be a problem. However, there are light bulbs you can use that simulate natural lighting. You might also consider lamps with warm bulbs rather than overhead lighting.

2. Colors

Painting your office in cool color tones such as beige or light green also helps provide a soothing environment, as well as reduces eye strain caused by white walls. There have been studies conducted that show how certain colors may affect mood and productivity. Take the time to research different colors to best determine one that is most beneficial for your office.

3. Functional & Comfortable Office Furniture

Arranging your office furniture properly is a highly effective way of improving your productivity. Mobile desks, rather than stationary desks, enable you to easily move them as needed while still holding your files, computer, phone and any other items you use frequently throughout the work day. Additionally, mobile stands for fax machines and printers placed near your desk also can be easily moved away when not in use.

Using office furniture that is ergonomic is also beneficial, and will help to reduce the pain and strain that often comes with sitting in an office for too long. Aside from desks that are the proper height and chairs that enable you sit both comfortably and properly, you can also purchase an ergonomic keyboard and mouse to reduce strain on your arm and wrist.

4. Keeping Things Organized

Filing cabinets, bookcases, shelves and other items that you can utilize to keep things organized will also enable you to stay more productive, by reducing the time you spend sifting through clutter or searching through a stack of papers for a particular memo.

5. Open concept offices

Ditching cubicles and closed-door offices for an open concept office helps to improve communication and collaboration amongst team members and colleagues.

Following just two or three of these suggestions will make a noticeable improvement in your work day. Take the time to research ways to make your workplace more productive for you!

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