Onstott Group, a leading retained executive search firm, has chosen Huddle as its client portal of choice. 

Specializing in retained searches across a number of industries, including technology, healthcare, venture capital and private equity, the team at Onstott Group were reliant on email for client communications. 

Today, with Huddle, the team can better collaborate with clients around candidate resumes and reports, as well as keep clients up-to-date with the status of a search project. Files can quickly be added to secure client workspaces by both the internal team and by clients, with stakeholders benefiting from co-editing, approval workflows, Microsoft Office integration, and the ability to leave comments against files and the latest team activity. 

Importantly, Huddle time-stamps all document and user activity. This allows the Onstott Group to see when a client has accessed, edited, or even shared a file. 

Ready to try Huddle for yourself? Get started with a demo. 

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Request a Demo

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