At PACIFIC our mission is to help our clients reach their business goals by creating highly engaging online experiences for their customers. One of the ways we do this is by creating digital content that inspires people to engage and share. This sometimes means producing hundreds of digital content assets in a limited amount of time.  

The only way we could manage our internal workflow—and deliver the highest quality content—is to work with a partner like Huddle. Implementing Huddle at PACIFIC has had a hugely positive impact by helping us manage our workflow and version control. This, in turn, helps us continue to deliver the highest quality content on time and within budget.

The content we create is highly personalized for each of our clients and their audiences. We spend a lot of time making sure every piece of content reflects the voice of our client’s brand and is relevant and engaging to their customer.

Before Huddle, we would send rounds of edits back and forth via email, which was time-consuming and inefficient. There was a lot of shipping articles back and forth, re-downloading, making a tiny tweak and then resending. Using e-mail also made us vulnerable to a very serious issue: version control.

Collaborating closely with our clients within Huddle enables us to develop our final deliverables more quickly, with less effort and more accuracy. This is particularly important with the detail-oriented work we do implementing SEO keywords and links where a small oversight can significantly impact campaign results. That’s why we spend a lot of time working with our clients to refine the details of their campaigns—learning their brand’s objectives and nailing down their tone of voice.

Since we’ve started using Huddle, version control is no longer an issue, and details are almost never missed or overlooked. We know what we’re reviewing includes the latest edits – something that gives our clients and our team peace of mind. Furthermore, Huddle allows us to see and discuss changes in real time.

Huddle has improved the content creation process at PACIFIC. We’ve been able to expedite the creation and revision process and eliminate time consuming mistakes due to version control. Huddle has given us a tool to better partner with our clients.

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