Earlier this year, we brought together a panel of thought-leaders to debate the pressing issue of what will happen with the MySpace generation in the workplace.

With 2010 set to see more new graduates than ever, students of the MySpace generation are now looking for jobs. This will be the most switched on, IT-savvy generation ever to join the workplace; a generation that doesn’t remember life before the internet, has always had a mobile phone and for whom tools like Facebook, Twitter and Flickr are fundamental to how they consume information, study and socialize.

Today’s graduates are used to flexibility, freedom, openness and collaboration in all aspects of their online lives and will expect the same when they enter the office. So we asked the question, are organizations ready? What should employers be doing to entice the best of this new breed of workers through their office doors?

You can now watch the full debate, with panelists:

  • Stephen Waddington, Managing Director, Speed Communications
  • Chris Alexander, Student at Reading University, Blogger and Tweeter
  • Jon Landau, Director Customer Engagement, Huddle

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