At the PiXL club we work with school leaders nationwide to share ideas and deliver support to improve the GCSE results of students round the country. We now have 650 schools in the programme, with such a large group of people involved, we needed a platform where we could collaborate on these ideas as well as sharing content and best practise tips.

There are two parts of the PiXL support system, the first is the meetings we have we the head teachers or school representative and the second is digital resources which are available to give them ideas and best practise tips throughout the school year. For example, motivational presentations, animations, mp3 recordings and analysis tools.

We used to put the resources on the website but now we have such a large archive we needed a new platform where we could store these large media files. The website hadn’t been built for this purpose so we started doing some research into thecollaboration tools available that we could use instead.

For us, Huddle ticked all the boxes: it offered a secure platform and because it was cloud-based it had virtually unlimited storage. This meant that we could put all our content in Huddle without having to deploy any additional hardware.

With its quick upload speed and easy to use interface, Huddle has helped us share resources much more efficiently. This is very important to us, especially as we have a large number of team members out visiting hundreds of different schools across the country. Which Huddle’s iPhone and iPad apps they have access to any files they need at their fingertips.

We now have nearly a thousand Huddle users at PiXL, with each workspace designed to be an on-going platform for school resources each year. At the moment we are gearing up for the next academic year and looking at how we use Huddle and how we can enhance it and develop new workspaces to make processes more streamlined and efficient.

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