We talk alot about collaboration here in Huddle: team collaboration; inter-team collaboration; collaboration ‘outside the firewall'; but how about inter-software collaboration?

We all use software tools, most of us everyday. We create word documents, spreadsheets, presentations – really a huge panoply of documents that we then save, email, version on our own local hard drives or within larger file systems. That’s great – these documents fulfil a vital part of modern day working life. The problem is maintaining these documents –  we all know the ease with which we have wrongly edited something, lost a document, replied to an older version and so on:  as we have increased in technical capability we have also increased the burden of technical complexity.

Huddle is about minimising complexity and eliminating the drag on efficiency caused by the tools we use.  To that end, we released a fantastic Microsoft Office plugin.  A  quick download from here, and you will be able to

  • Link MS Word, Excel and PowerPoint directly in to your Huddle workspaces
  • Open documents stored in your workspaces directly from MS Word, Excel or PowerPoint
  • Save documents directly from MS Word, Excel or PowerPoint right into your workspaces

With the Huddle for Microsoft Office plugins you instantly move from local file headaches to easy document sharing and editing across your team and workspace.  This is inter-software collaboration: applications working together to ensure that you get the best use of all the tools at your disposal.  There are about fifty reasons why this is good for users but the most important ones are that it makes your job easier and simpler.

Try it – it’s free – and tell us what you think.

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