Over the last few weeks, Huddle’s product team has been working hard to ensure that our users can now interact directly with Huddle via email. The team has also improved the user experience of Huddle’s email notifications.

Product update: Reply by email

At Huddle, we recognise that a lot of information continues to be distributed within and between enterprises via email. As a result, information can be locked in people’s inboxes and team members often don’t have visibility of the conversations that have been occurring around documents.

Now, you can respond to a Huddle email notification directly via your email. Your comment will be added to the relevant whiteboard, discussion, file or task in the Huddle workspace. It’s extremely straightforward to use – simply click reply in your email client and start typing. Huddle will find and strip your email signature and other miscellaneous content automatically.

When you reply to a message, the same list of workspace members that were included on the first message are notified about your reply. This continues the conversation, while ensuring that all of the comments are recorded in Huddle, in context.

Huddle’s reply by email works from Outlook (desktop and web versions), Gmail, Lotus (desktop and web), and the majority of other desktop email clients.

The functionality is going to be especially useful for writing quick replies when on the move, which is why we  fully support iPhone, Android 2.3+ (Gingerbread), BlackBerry OS 4.5+ and Windows Phone.

Just in case you get caught up in a conversation that goes off track, you can reply to the message with just the wordunsubscribe. We’ll remove you from the thread until someone specifically chooses to bring you back in. When unsubscribed, you will see this message in Huddle:

Improved notifications

Based on your feedback, Huddle’s notifications are now easier to read and contain additional useful information. You will now see a list of other people who have been notified when a message was sent out.

We hope you like the changes and, if you have feedback, please submit a ticket through the Huddle Support Portal, or add your feature suggestions on our feedback forum. We read every idea and comment, and respond directly if we can.

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