Planning and preparation are the least glamorous, but most important aspects of any project. “By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail,” said Benjamin Franklin and he makes an excellent point. Project planning is hugely important and if you get it wrong or fail to do it thoroughly enough, then whatever project you are working on can run into difficulties.

But what exactly does project management methodologies involve and how do you plan a project properly? The Association of Project Management (APM) gets it just about right – according to its President Martin Barnes, ‘at its most fundamental, project management is about people getting things done’. The APM goes on to talk about the importance of teamwork to a project, something we would wholeheartedly agree with at Huddle, having blogged previously about the collaboration economy we are now all part of.

So project planning is also very much a collaborative affair. The team needs to agree objectives, resources, responsibilities, budgets, deadlines and desired results, whilst selecting the right tools to get the job done is also of pivotal importance. Staying on top of things during the project life cycle can be a challenge, which is why tools such as Huddle are a project manager’s best friend.

A project manager has overall responsibility for team members delivering tasks on time and on budget but doesn’t have the time to spend hours chasing people to complete those tasks so that the project stays on course. Huddle enables the project manager to have all the project documentation and timelines in one place, meaning they can stay on top of deadlines without spending valuable time on doing so. Comments and files can be easily added to a task, with start and due dates and there is even the option to send auto-reminders before a task is due for completion.

If there are any late or upcoming tasks, or team members are on holiday or off sick then Huddle allows you to easily reassign them to a different team member if required, ensuring deadlines are met and the project stays on track.

Project planning and project management both come down to getting the detail right and making best use of technology to free up your time so it can be used more productively elsewhere – that’s why Huddle is increasingly the project management tool of choice for both private and public sector organizations.

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