In my previous blog, I focused on how Huddle spearheads the recruitment process and on-boarding process, introducing a faster, easier and more secure approach to hiring talent. So what difference does it make to those on-going everyday tasks that absorb so much of the HR professional’s day, such as operational management, the people and business strategy and budgeting? The answer is: everything.

For starters, Huddle is the easiest, most secure way to collaborate with everyone inside and outside the organization, giving you complete control over your HR tasks and employees.

From my desktop, laptop, or mobile device, I have access to all the tools I need for human resources management: file sharing,document management, whiteboards and discussions, and calendars. For example, I can use this unified, collaborative resource to manage the company’s ongoing talent plans, including career progression, relocations, development and succession. I can set up a new workspace to store benchmarking information and market trend analysis, which supports salary revision processes and benefit programmes. And Huddle inspires enhanced internal communications, which can improve motivation, and promote a common culture across the business.

I can also do all this myself. I don’t need an army of IT professionals to develop, deploy and maintain Huddle. It’s incredibly simple to use too, so my HR team are managing all their HR tasks without assistance. I am master of my own destiny.

Simultaneously, I have the flexibility to develop the company’s ongoing HR confidentiality policies. Approvals can be easily tracked. Benefits and other important documents are kept in a secure place so employees can access them quickly—and HR can audit their use. Huddle also enables HR and other teams to collaborate on guidance notes for managers and employees, training guides for managers and calibration of output from performance meetings.

However, I also want to keep all my negotiations and decisions private. Huddle works across firewalls, enabling the relevant people both inside and outside of the organization to access content in a secure online business collaboration environment. This ensures information remains private and shared only with the intended audience—there’s no chance of an errant email revealing staff confidentialities, for instance.

Huddle is the Swiss Army Knife for HR content collaboration: easy, secure collaboration with everyone inside and outside the company. And all through a mobile device should you choose.

Huddle is undoubtedly game-changing technology for HR.

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